In line with the Central Bank of Lebanon’s requirements and in an effort to ensure utmost transparency and public awareness, Bank Audi places at your disposal downloadable sheets/key facts statements with full details of its wide range of products and services.

Inquiry and Complaint Form:
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Customer's Rights and Duties:
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   Current Account - 461 (English/Arabic)    Current Account - 701 (English/Arabic)    Current Account - 702 (English/Arabic)
   Payroll Account (English/Arabic)    Savings Account - 462 (English/Arabic)    Savings Account - 466 (English/Arabic)
   Sight Deposit Account (English/Arabic)    Spring Account (English/Arabic)    Wedding Account (English/Arabic)
Cards Car Loan
   New Cars (English / Arabic)   Used Cars (English / Arabic)
   Easy Buy (English / Arabic)   Harley Davidson (English / Arabic)
Home Loan
   Constructed (English / Arabic)    Under Construction (English / Arabic)    Public Corporation for Housing (PCH) (English / Arabic)
   ISF - GSF - Judges (English / Arabic)    Required Documents (English / Arabic)
Personal Loan
   Employed (English / Arabic)    Self Employed & Public (English / Arabic)    Teacher - Doctor - Army (English / Arabic)
   Schooling Loan - Public Sector (English / Arabic)    High-Tech Loans (English / Arabic)  
Insurance Coverage
   Vehicle Coverage (English / Arabic)    Life & Home Coverage (English / Arabic)
   Aman Al Dar (English / Arabic)    Aman Al Darb (English / Arabic)    Aman Al Dirassa (English / Arabic)
   Aman Al Elm & Ghad (English / Arabic)    Aman Al Hayat (English / Arabic)    Aman Al Madkhoul (English / Arabic)
   Hizam Al Aman (English / Arabic)    Hizam Obligatory (English / Arabic)    Sallat Al Aman (English / Arabic)
General Terms and Conditions
  Commercial (English/Arabic)   Operations (English/Arabic)
SME Banking
   TransAct Packages (English / Arabic)    Premises Loan (English / Arabic)    POS Cash Advance (English / Arabic)
   Kafalat (English / Arabic)    Business Loan (English / Arabic)    Power & Empower Loan (English / Arabic)

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