Business Banking

Business Banking
Find out more about the 3 main pillars of Bank Audi's business banking line.

Corporate Banking

Bank Audi has built a strong regional Corporate Banking franchise by forging solid relationships in the MENA region.
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Commercial Banking

Bank Audi delivers a wide variety of services ranging from conventional products to specialized programs.
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SME Banking

Bank Audi has developed its range of products and services to answer SMEs’ lending and non-lending business needs.
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Consolidated Activity Highlights

as at end-March 2017
• US$ 43.9Bn of assets
• US$ 36.0Bn of customers’ deposits
• US$ 3.8Bn of shareholders’ equity
• US$ 110Mio of net profits
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Closing Price

As at23 Jun 2017
Bk Audi GDR Beirut $6.00 -3.33%
Bk Audi Ordinary< $6.00 -3.17%
Bk Audi GDR London $6.00 0.00%
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