POS Cash Advance
POS Cash Advance
Let your Point of Sale (POS) finance your business needs
The POS Cash Advance is the perfect solution to help you manage your short-term expenses by providing you with a cash advance facility to finance your working capital needs based on your POS turnover.
Manage your daily business expenses be it supplier invoices, purchasing goods, or settling rent and pay back with maximum flexibility.
Smart and easy
Your POS grants you a cash advance facility with:
  • 48-hour approval
  • Cash advance facility in LBP up to 3 times your average monthly POS turnover
  • 1 to 9-month repayment period
  • NO financial documentation or collateral required
Apply now
Simply apply for the POS Cash Advance and choose your repayment period that can vary between 1 and 9 months:
  • Based on your average monthly POS activity, we will calculate the amount you are entitled to and you will receive the money in your Bank Audi account
  • Monthly payments will be collected through small daily amounts from your POS daily returns (over a period of 10 days)

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