Payroll Account

Your Salary Counts No Matter What

Employed or self-employed, you can make the most out of your salary with an account tailored to fit your end of the month needs. The Payroll Account allows you to manage your money with all the accessibility and flexibility you need.

What do I get?

For only LBP 1,500 or USD 1 a month, you get:
  • An account available in LBP or USD
  • Preferential credit interest rates
  • No minimum salary or minimum balance required

What’s in it for me?

  • Free specific credit cards
  • BankerNet Visa-Electron Debit Card free for the first year, with an additional Debit Card
  • Free Audi Online
  • Free Dial Audi
  • audimobile and PinPay
  • Free Statement of Account
  • SMS Alert Service
  • Special treatment when applying for loans

How do I?

Extra products and services with your account

Get in touch

For any questions
Or call the Bank Audi help desk
1570  OR  +961 (1) 212120

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