Personal Banking

Putting customers at the heart of our business.
Bank Audi gives you a unique experience built around accessibility, convenience, trust and reliable advices.

Through 73 fully-fledged branches in Lebanon coupled with the country’s largest ATM network covering over 174 sites in key locations, the Bank saves you the hassle of everyday transactions, bringing comfort and convenience to your financial life. In addition to its strong and widespread presence, Bank Audi offers a new level of convenience by originating and launching several banking delivery channels such as NOVO branch, the region’s first self-service branch that opens 7 days a week till 10pm , e-Banking services that can be accessed anywhere, anytime, and much more.

Keen on offering you products and services designed to suit your priorities and meet all your financial needs at any stage of your life, the Bank is extending its range of tailored products to match your lifestyle and preferences.

Whether you are an employee, a student or self-employed, the Bank offers you a variety of financial solutions that range from new differentiated products, to bundled services, bringing you comfort all the way.

In a world of complexity, simplicity and transparency stand out. Today, our products are delivered with utmost transparency through simulations and clear Terms & Conditions enabling you to take the right decisions. In 2012, a mass media campaign was launched with the “Clear All the Way” promise, introducing a new era of transparency and openness.

By adopting this approach, the Bank successfully boosted customer loyalty and satisfaction while reinforcing its leading position in the Retail industry.

In line with its ongoing commitment to grant you superior service, Bank Audi is in a great position to offer you practical and reliable advice and help you make the best decision. That is why the Bank launched a Retail campaign in 2013 to give various banking tips that consist of useful hints and advice to all the Lebanese population whenever they have to deal with a bank.

Bank Audi’s customer service team in branches is well positioned and informed to assist you and help you choose from a wide selection of Retail products, which are divided into 5 categories:


Bank Audi offers you the 24/7 MasterCard Platinum and Gold, as well as the 24/7 Visa Debit card that take your shopping experience to the next level with their contactless MasterCard PayPass and Visa PayWave feature; this feature is faster than paying in cash or waiting for change, and it makes checkout easier than ever: simply tap your card in front of a secure reader that accepts contactless payments to make low value purchases. In addition to that, Bank Audi is the very first bank to offer the Visa Business Debit Card in Lebanon. As a cardholder, you will have round-the-clock access to your bank accounts, allowing you to shop at millions of merchants worldwide and make other banking transactions via Bank Audi's ATMs such as cash and cheque deposits, cash withdrawals, balance inquiry and transfers, among others.
You can also benefit from the “Audi Rewards” loyalty program (for 24/7 MasterCard Gold and Platinum debit cards only) through which you earn points whenever you use your card for purchases and redeem them against valuable gifts from the “Audi Rewards” catalog.


Bank Audi accounts perfectly combine the security of deposit accounts and the flexibility of interest-bearing current accounts such as the Payroll and the Wedding accounts. The Bank’s wide range of products also includes special deposit accounts with attractive interest rates. Determined to offer you tailored products that serve your financial needs, the Bank has designed the following products:
  • The Sight Deposit Account gives you the flexibility of the Current Account along with the Deposit Account’s preferential rates. If you have a moderate income and would like to start saving, this is the right account for you! You won’t have to live on a tight budget especially that there is a low minimum opening balance.
  • The Spring account is Bank Audi's safe and practical solution for young adults. If you are between 18 and 23, with this account you can access your money anytime, anywhere, and get lots of benefits, offers and discounts.


The Bank has a large selection of options to suit your borrowing needs:


Under the “Aman” umbrella, Bank Audi offers you a full range of insurance, savings and investment products. Developed in collaboration with LIA insurance sal, a partly-owned subsidiary, the highly successful “Aman” range has positioned the firm among the top 5 insurance companies in terms of non-life products.

To cover all your insurance needs, you can choose between many flexible plans, with monthly premiums being directly debited from your account.
The range includes:


In addition to direct debit of utility bills (electricity, mobile phone, landline), tax payment services (Car tax, VAT, etc.), ADSL and Safe Deposit Box, Bank Audi has gradually expanded its range of services to include:
  • audimobile and PinPay (Mobile Banking and Payment Solutions) which allow you to manage your finances easily and conveniently
  • Audi Online (Internet Banking) which enables you to access and manage your accounts 24/7

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