• With its full and diversified range of products and services, Bank Audi ranks first among Lebanese banks in terms of total assets, shareholders' equity, customers' deposits, loans and advances.
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Country Management Lebanon

  • Mr. Marc J. Audi General Manager Country Manager
  • Mr. Hassan A. Saleh Deputy General Manager Chief Operating Officer

Branches Network Management

  • Mrs. Ghina M. Dandan Assistant General Manager Network Manager
  • Mrs. Wafaa’ S. Daouk Assistant General Manager Network Manager
  • Mr. Salam G. Nadda Assistant General Manager Network Manager
  • Mr. Rabih E. Berbery Network Manager
  • Mr. Kamal S. Tabbara Network Manager
  • Mr. Abdo M. Abi-Nader Senior Regional Manager
  • Mrs. Lina T. Cherif Senior Regional Manager
  • Mrs. Carol S. Abou Jaoude Regional Manager
  • Mr. Najib A. Cheaib Regional Manager
  • Mr. Georges K. Karam Regional Manager
  • Mrs. Roula I. Mikhael Regional Manager
  • Mr. Robert J. Moubarak Regional Manager
  • Mrs. Joumana A. Najjar Regional Manager
  • Mr. Fadi V. Saade Regional Manager

Central Departments

  • Mr. Antoine G. Boufarah Assistant General Manager Chief Compliance Officer
  • Mr. Ibrahim M. Salibi Assistant General Manager Head of Corporate & Commercial Banking
  • Mr. Toufic S. Arida Head of Transformation
  • Mrs. Marcelle R. Attar Head of Information Technology
  • Mrs. Grace E. Eid Head of Retail Banking
  • Mr. Karl A. Haddad Head of Corporate Credit Risk
  • Mr. Mahmoud A. Kurdy Chief Financial Officer
  • Mrs. Nayiri H. Manoukian Head of Human Resources
  • Mr. Assaad G. Meouchy Head of Branch Network Management
  • Mrs. Rana S. Nassif Head of Internal Audit
  • Mr. Fadi A. Obeid Assistant Chief Operating Officer
  • Mr. Hassan H. Sabbah Head of SME
  • Mr. Jean N. Traboulsi Head of Marketing & Communications