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Objective: Review and evaluate the development of the Corporate Social Responsibility activities.

The Internal Audit Department conducted a review over Bank Audi 2017 Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Report based on the objective and scope outlined above.

Our audit revealed that the Bank is continuously exerting efforts to improve the CSR reporting process. The review was based on interviews and testing on sample basis. In conclusion, nothing has come to our attention to make us believe that the information contained in this report has not been fairly presented in all material respect. However, we identified areas for potential improvement that Management should consider. These are as follows:

CSR Enhancements
  • Consider integrating the various initiatives into a formalised long term forward looking plan that addresses the interrelated CSR aspects, mapped to SDG goals; along with the related key risks, expected social impact and performance (quantitative and qualitative), key performance indicators (KPIs) and measurement of the progress of each sub-program to the originally stated objectives and goals.
  • Further reinforce the positioning of the CSR function to become integrated across all levels of the Bank as part of its overall strategy, decision making and business processes.
  • Continue to raise awareness and build competencies and capabilities for social responsibility, to engage the Bank’s employees at various levels towards applying and promoting the Bank’s CSR principles.

Data Aggregation and Reporting Process
  • Further reinforce the internal review process to ensure that reported and calculated figures are accurate and in harmony with published information, where applicable (e.g. financial reports, social media, and others).
  • Consider automating the data collection and reporting mechanism through the establishment of a central CSR data platform. Automation is to mitigate the risk of human errors through direct interface between reported figures and financial records, automated calculation of ratios and statistical data, visualisation of collected data on the variety of topics, real time update on work in progress, analysis of the data received from multiple sources, etc.
  • Consider the creation of a referencing mechanism to further formalise the audit trail between the reported information and the source of this information.

Rana Nassif Sassine
Head of Internal Audit
Rita Merhej
Head of Unit

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Association des Banques du Liban (ABL)

Positions held :
1. Board of Directors: Dr. Freddie Baz
2. Committee for Compliance and Fighting Money Laundering: chaired by Mr. Chahdan Jebeyli, Esq.
3. Legal Committee: chaired by Dr. Georges Achi
4. Research Studies Committee: Dr. Marwan Barakat (rapporteur)
5. Investment Banks and Capital Markets Committee
6. Committee for Organisation, Standardisation and Information Technology
7. Communication Committee
8. Corporate Governance Committee: Mr. Farid Lahoud (rapporteur)
9. Human Resources and Social Affairs Committee
10. Banking Terms and Conditions Committee
11. Islamic Banking Committee
12. Banking Risk Committee

World Union of Arab Bankers
Union of Arab Banks
Chamber of Commerce, Industry & Agriculture “CCIA"
International Chamber of Commerce – Lebanon “ICC”
Swiss Business Council-Leb Arab Federation of Exchanges

  • Reporting year is 2017.
  • The previous report is the “CSR Report 2016: Engraining Impact” published in July 2017.
  • The reporting cycle is: annual

  • For information about the report, please refer to:
    Bank Audi’s CSR Unit
    Bank Audi Palladium – Bab Idriss
    Beirut, Lebanon

  • This report has been prepared in accordance with the GRI Standards: Core option.
  • Our GHG emissions report is audited by V4 Advisors, an external expert on the topic.
  • Our CSR report is internally audited by our certified auditors.

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