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Goodwill Comes in All Sizes Donation is in Our Blood
02 May 2018
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In partnership with the Lebanese NGO arcenciel, Bank Audi organized a two-day initiative for the donation of clothes, shoes and accessories for all ages. Between May 2nd and 3rd, 2018, almost 300 kg of clean and decent clothes and accessories were gathered and donated through the NGO to people in need. Whether you donated big or small, we’re proud of you!

It is not the first year that Bank Audi participates in the National Blood Donation Day. This year, and in collaboration with the Lebanese Red Cross, June 19 saw the donation of 35 blood units that will save 105 lives, from 47 Bank Audi employees and passers-by. To encourage and incentivize this human act, a special breakfast was promised to the department with the highest number of participants, which proved to be the Corporate Credit Risk department this time, with blood donations from 16% of its employees.