Invest in growth and development
With personalized programs that serve various sectors and profiles, from tourism to agriculture, industry, traditional crafts and high-tech, Kafalat gives you the means to expand your business activities or take on new projects.
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Kafalat supports Lebanese individuals, companies, sole proprietorships, and cooperatives when it comes to:
  • Financing fixed assets (equipment, machines, etc.)
  • Financing up to 20% of the working capital expenses (rent, salaries, purchase of raw materials, etc.)
  • Marketing, research and development
  • Any other expenses related to the establishment strategy

Loan facility

Boost your growth with the right solution:

  • Loan amount up to USD 400,000
  • Libor 1 year + 5.5% + 7.5% FRR (currently 7.51%)
  • Loan period from 1 to 7 years*
  • Grace period up to 1 year*
  • Subsidy of up to 4.5%

*Energy and arboriculture loans can be granted for longer tenure and grace period