Flexible loan on a card
Finance your daily running business expenses through a flexible standby loan, in the form of a card. It is the perfect solution to buy goods and raw materials, settle rent, pay salaries and much more.
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The 90-10 feature

The Power Card gives you the financial flexibility to manage your daily business expenses:
  • 90% of the card limit for daily business expenditures. You can use the Power Card when you need financing by simply transferring the needed amount to your designated account through contacting our Call Center or via Audi Online. Multiple transfers can be performed, and each can be repaid over a period of your choice (1 to 9 months). Each payment you settle will be refreshed to your loan limit, giving you continuous access to money.
*Bank Audi credit card terms and conditions apply to the 10% card limit. Cash withdrawal at ATMs is not available for this card
  • 10% of the card limit can be used as a regular credit card* for your business expenses (trips, invitations, etc.)
  • Loan amount up to USD 200,000
  • No collateral needed for amounts less than USD 100,000

More to enjoy

While enjoying instant liquidity, you can also get many additional benefits:

  • Exclusive discounts on business services
  • Access to Audi Rewards Program and Audi Event Club
  • Access to Audi E-Services (Monthly e-Statement and year-end summary, SMS Alerts)
  • Comprehensive Insurance Programs (Travel Accident & Medical Emergency Insurance coverage of up to USD 100,000 and Purchase Protection Insurance of USD 1,500)
  • Priority Pass and airport lounge access