• USD 200 Million to Finance your Green Solutions
    Supporting Lebanon's sustainable economic activities
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Bank Audi and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) have partnered together under the Green Economy Financing Facility (GEFF) Lebanon to provide funding for Lebanon’s sustainable development. This facility will allow businesses and individuals alike to invest in commercially viable and profitable projects, which will help the country transition to a low-carbon energy system, support sustainability into the future, and fight climate change. 

Free Technical Support All the Way

The Facility Consultants will provide free of charge assistance throughout all stages of the project, from origination and investment appraisal to execution. They will help clients identify the best solutions to fit their business needs, facilitate capacity building and transfer of know-how, and ensure that quality and profitable green projects are successfully financed and implemented. 

Eligible Individual and Business Investments

The facility provides funds for investments in renewable energy (solar energy, photovoltaic energy, solar heating systems), energy efficiency (double glazing, LED lighting, HVAC – VRN/VRF, roof-tiling, stone cladding, landscaping) efficient resource use (including water, materials and other resources), waste management, emission reduction, and green buildings. It also allows the financing of small and medium-scale eligible green projects undertaken by private sector contracting companies with the public sector. 

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Eligible Borrowers

  • Individuals undertaking an eligible residential project (excluding land purchase).
  • Private businesses undertaking an eligible investment.
  • Service providers providing maintenance, operation, installation, construction, project development, or similar services under a contractual agreement with individuals and private businesses undertaking an eligible investment.
  • Vendors engaged in the supply/sale of eligible equipment, materials or technologies (including working capital lines for vendors only).

Technology Selector

The Technology Selector, available on the Facility website, lists the set of technologies and products that have been identified as the “best performing” at reasonable cost, under local market conditions. 

Fast-tracked Eligibility Checks

Investments in pre-approved technologies listed on the Technology Selector will be automatically eligible under the Facility for projects up to USD 300,000. Loan approval and disbursement would then be subject to Bank Audi’s normal credit application process for the type of loan.

Dedicated technical experts will also ensure quick and efficient eligibility approval of projects outside the Technology Selector or exceeding USD 300,000 with a swift turnaround (once project documents are provided). 

Financing Facility

Interest Rates

  • Interest rates are priced competitively based on the credit assessment of the borrower.
  • Ability to benefit from the BDL environmental and energy efficiency subsidized rates (NEEREA and LEA), depending on project/borrower eligibility for such loans and subject to additional application and approval by LCEC/BDL.

Loan Period

  • Flexible repayment structures to match the project’s expected cash flow, with the choice of monthly or quarterly repayments and the ability to request an interest only period, known as a grace period.
  • The final tenor and grace period are subject to credit approval and project’s forecasted cash flow.

For more information on eligibility criteria and application process, visit  www.ebrdgeff.com/lebanon