Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I protect my card from fraud?
Never leave your card unattended, and only have the ones you need on you. Register your credit card on www.audi3dsecure.com , keep record of the card number, expiration dates, as you might need them if your card is stolen or lost. Do not give any financial, personal or card-related information to an unknown website or respond to any email seeking such information. Contact our Call Center on +961 1 21 21 20 or 1570 if you experience any suspicious issues.
What do I do if I notice fraudulent transactions on my account?
Immediately contact our Call Center on +961 1 21 21 20 or 1570, so we can offer you appropriate assistance.
How do I shop safely online?
Shop on established websites you can contact if an issue arises. Make sure the sites are secure and have https: in the address. Read payment Terms & Conditions, as well as return policies and guidelines. Choose a password with letters and numbers, and change it regularly.
How do I keep my devices secure?
Equip your computer with a firewall and virus-protection software. Make sure its operating system is always updated. Do not download software from suspicious sources. Always use a strong password that combines letters and numbers, and change it regularly. Avoid storing sensitive information on your mobile device. Never respond to emails claiming to be from a bank or any company and that’s asking for your account information or personal details.