We have upgraded our systems to better serve you!
01 Jan 2019
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Need to know more on how our Systems Upgrade affects you? Read the below Q&As.

1- What happened to the Bank ID Number?

The Bank ID number now consists of 8 digits.
For current Bank Audi clients, the actual ID remains unchanged, with 2 zeros added to the left, ex: 123456 now becomes 00123456.
Attention: Your Audi Online and Bank Audi mobile app User ID and Password did not change!

2- What about the account numbers?

Account numbers have changed. They now consist of 12 digits: Bank ID (8 digits) + Serial Number (4 digits). The Serial Number is your previous PL with 2 zeros to the left: e.g. if your account PL was 01, the account’s Serial Number is now 0001.

Account number = 12 digits = Bank ID (8 digits) + Serial Number (4 digits)

Bank ID 123456 00123456
PL 01 0001
Account Number 123456XXXXXXXXX01 001234560001

3- What about the International Bank Account Number (IBAN)?

The IBAN number was replaced with a new number. The old IBAN will remain functional for a limited period during which incoming transfers received with the old IBAN will be processed.

The new IBAN appears on Statements of Accounts, on Audi Online, and on the Bank Audi mobile app. You can also request it at your branch or by calling our Contact Center on 1570.
If you have incoming or outgoing money transfers, you should inform your senders and beneficiaries.

4- What remains the same?

  • Salary domiciliation stays the same.
  • Bill domiciliation remains the same.
  • Debit and credit cards carry the same numbers.
  • Your signature remains valid.
  • Legal contracts, obligations and agreements such as account opening and proxies do not change.
  • Your Audi Online and Bank Audi mobile app User ID and Password remain the same.

5- What has changed?

At the branch level
  • New Passbooks were issued. They will be delivered upon presenting your current book at the counter for updates or when executing a transaction.
  • Your current chequebooks will remain functional and any cheque you’ve written on the old cheques format will still be accepted; however, you will receive new chequebooks upon renewal.
  • New Statements of Accounts were issued. Refer to the customer service employee should you have any inquiry.
  • Advices of Operations: New advices have been prepared with all new required information. Your old account number will still be showing.

On Online Banking platforms
  • The new account numbers appear on online banking platforms, replacing the old numbers. The accounts’ descriptions remain the same to help you recognize them.
  • Whenever making Local/International transfers, the system will block the amount within the account until processed by the Bank.
  • A new “Pending Transactions” tab has been added to the Account Activity screen. It will display all transactions which are yet to be processed by the Bank e.g.:
    • Outgoing “Local/International Transfers” that are not yet authorized by the Bank will be listed (mentioned in the point above).
    • Purchased cheques (on other banks) which are not yet collected.
All IBANs of existing Bank Audi beneficiaries (Internal Transfers) were converted to the new IBAN format. If you’ve already created Bank Audi beneficiaries, their IBANs will be automatically converted to the new IBAN format. Whenever creating new ones, make sure to use the new format.

Should you have additional inquiries, please call us on 1570, or ask our employees while at the branch.