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How secure is PinPay?
  • A Pin Code (M-PIN) only you know is requested for every transaction
  • Every message sent from the PinPay application on your handset is encrypted; no one can intercept the message and obtain information about your transactions
  • PinPay uses the highest encryption standards
  • If your M-PIN is entered incorrectly 3 consecutive times, your account will be blocked
  • Every SMS confirmation he gets for a successful transfer operation as a receiver will display a Security Code "S Code" consisting of the nickname you've chosen upon enrollment (4 characters) and a sequential counter (3 digits)
Who provides this service?
Pin-Pay sal, a technology company based in Lebanon. It provides full-fledged mobile payment solutions via a state-of-the-art platform that is currently deployed in South Asia and processes over 12 million transactions every day.
Besides security, what are the main benefits of PinPay services?
  • Convenience: you can use the services anytime, anywhere (avoiding waiting too long and getting stuck in traffic)
  • Reliability: fast and on-time payments
  • Simplicity: a user-friendly step by step menu makes all the PinPay services easily accessible
How can I benefit from these services?
  • Step I - Registration at Bank Audi Branches
    • You have to open an account at Bank Audi
    • You have to fill in and sign the registration form (you must include your mobile phone number and the accounts you want to manage using audimobile)
  • Step II - Downloading the application
    • You must download the application from respective stores
  • Step III – Activation
    • Once the download is complete, you have to enter your mobile number and your 6-digit account number
    • You will then receive a SMS with a 5-digit verification code
    • You should enter the verification code
      • You will select your personal 4-digit M-PIN number
      • You are now ready to start using the device
How long does it take for the registration process to be completed?
Downloading the application takes less than 1 minute. The registration at the branch should take about 10-15 minutes.
What is the currency of the transactions processed through PinPay?
For the time being, transactions are performed in USD only.
How much will it cost me?
You’ll benefit from a free trial for up to 3 months. Afterwards, it will cost you USD 2/month.
Is the cost debited from my bank account or phone bill?
PinPay charges are debited from your bank account.
Can my accounts be in LBP and USD?
Yes, your accounts can be in any currency but your transactions will be converted to USD.
Do I have to be a Bank Audi client to be able to use PinPay services?
Yes, you can pass by any Bank Audi branch during opening hours to learn more about our offers and the simple process of opening an account with us or visit our website.
Which mobile operator in Lebanon can I use PinPay service with?
PinPay is accessible with both touch and Alfa.
Does the PinPay service work on an international number or a foreign SIM card?
No, it has to be a local mobile number from touch or Alfa.
Does the service work outside Lebanon on a roaming local mobile number?
Can I use PinPay on any Smartphone?
Can I have more than one mobile number linked to the same account?
In the case of an Individual Account, you can only have one mobile number linked to the same account. However, in the case of a Joint Account (and/or), you can have more than one mobile number linked to the same account but each account must have a different subscription.
Can I recharge my mobile card if I have no units left?
What is the daily limit on the transactions amount?
Person-to-Person and Recharge: USD 500.
Is there any limit on the number of transactions allowed?
The number of transactions is unlimited.
When do I receive the money transferred to my account?
The money is instantly credited to your account.
When will my transferred funds become available?
All transfers are done with the same day value date.
How can I follow up on my account details and transaction history?
If you want to see your last 5 PinPay transactions, you have to choose PinPay/PinPay statement on your mobile phone.
How can I be sure that the transaction was made?
You’ll receive a confirmation SMS after each transaction.
Can I reverse a transaction?
To reverse a transaction, you should submit a claim at your Bank Audi branch. This can’t be done immediately.
What is the expected delay while reversing a transaction?
In case you transfer money by mistake to another person/merchant, Bank Audi will be unable to cancel the transfer and reimburse you unless the Bank gets the approval from the credited beneficiary. This could take around 7 days.
Who will handle the reversal?
The branch.
I sent money to the wrong number. What happens to my money?
If the number you entered is not registered with PinPay, no money will be transferred and you’ll receive an SMS informing you that the transaction could not be processed. If, however the number you’ve entered is registered with PinPay, the money won’t be transferred to the account linked to this number unless the receiver has approved it. If not approved, the sender can stop the transfer. To reverse an approved transfer, you need to contact your nearest branch.
I've accidently transferred more money than I wanted to a friend. What can I do?
You should ask the recipient to transfer the difference back to you. If this is not possible, you should contact your branch to reverse the transaction and transfer the money again.
What happens if I lose my mobile phone/SIM card?
No one else can make any transaction; your personal M-Pin Code is required for each transaction.
What should I do if I lose my mobile phone/SIM card?
You can call your mobile operator to deactivate your SIM or ask Bank Audi’s Customer Help Desk to temporarily deactivate the PinPay account.
Who has access to my account if I lose my mobile phone?
Only you. Nobody can access your account without your secret M-PIN.
In case I change my mobile phone, will I have to pay the activation fee all over again?
No, there is no activation fee required in this case. However, you’ll have to download the application on your new phone again and call PinPay support on +961 (1) 631222.
I forgot my M-PIN. Can the bank send or reset it?
No one at PinPay knows your M-PIN. For security reasons, it is not possible to reset your M-PIN without any proof of identity. You have to visit any Bank Audi branch with a valid ID card to receive a new Activation Code and choose your M-PIN.
I entered my M-PIN incorrectly; my account doesn't work anymore. What to do?
If you enter the wrong M-PIN 3 consecutive times, you’ll receive an SMS informing you that your Pin-Pay service has been blocked. You need to visit your nearest Bank Audi branch to reactivate your account.