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  • Wedding Account
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In which currency can I open the Wedding Account?
USD and LBP.
How can my partner and I check our Wedding Account balance?
Wherever and whenever you want, online, over the phone or via your mobile phones, free of charge.
What does the Wedding Account offer us?
  • A joint Current Account opened in LBP and USD
  • Cash deposits available as of the next working day
  • Guests can deposit cash gifts, over 6 months after the account opening date, at any Bank Audi branch, by using our online banking service, or through the “Share a Gift” online service on the Wedding Account page
  • Free enrollment in Dial Audi and Audi Online, our phone and internet banking services
  • Free e-Statement of Account
  • 2 free 24/7 Gold debit cards for the first year
  • 1 free Horizon Blue credit card for the first year
  • 1 free bill domiciliation for 6 months (from the account opening date)
  • Preferential credit interest rates
  • Next day value date for both LBP and USD
What are the preferential credit interest rates?
  • 3% for balances over LBP 10,000,000
  • 0.25% for balances over USD 7,000
What are the advantages of opening a Wedding Account?
  • A credit history with the Bank that allows you to get any other product or service easier
  • Money instead of unwanted gifts
What are the conditions for opening a Wedding Account?
  • Pass by any Bank Audi branch or NOVO Branch to open the account
  • No minimum balance to maintain
  • Joint Account (and/or)
Can we withdraw an amount from the Wedding Account whenever we want?
Yes, when the amount is available.
Can anyone deposit money in the Wedding Account?
Yes, when the amount is available
Can anyone deposit money in the Wedding Account?
What will happen after the Wedding Account is closed?
You can open any other account.
For how long can we open a Wedding Account?
No, you can't.
What is the maximum valid online payment amount?
The maximum valid online payment is USD 2,000 or LBP 3,000,000. The depositor must otherwise refer to the branch.
Are there any extra fees guests have to pay online?
A 2.6% service charge is applicable on online deposits.
Which type of Wedding Account-related messages will the Bank send?
  • Daily deposit SMS: informing the couple about the total amount deposited in their account
  • Wedding celebration SMS to be sent on the couple’s wedding date to congratulate them
  • Thank You SMS to the depositors for their wedding contribution
How will the guests know that the online payment was completed?
When the amount is successfully deposited through the online payment gateway, the depositor will receive a receipt of payment by email.