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Don’t Just Make a Choice, Make the Right Choice with the Spring Account
Just turned 18? Open a Spring Account with as little as LBP 20,000 and access your money anytime, anywhere while enjoying many benefits and discounts. It has been upgraded with new features and offers that fit your active lifestyle.

What do I get?

  • A current account in LBP or USD
  • A free contactless debit card, that you can simply tap to pay with
  • Free SMS alert service (for the first 6 months) to monitor your card’s transactions
  • Free access to Audi Online, our internet banking solution
  • Free access to your account through the Bank Audi mobile application
  • Free access to PinPay (for the first 6 months), our mobile payment solution
  • Free e-statement of account, every 3 months

What does it offer?

*To enjoy this feature, every month you’ll need to:
  • Keep a minimum balance of LBP 10,000 in your account (or the same value in USD)
  • Or deposit money at least once at any of our NOVO ATMs (Cash-Deposit ATMs) (or at our branches)
  • Or pay with your Spring debit card at least once at a POS machine (at any merchant)

The first LBP 20,000 deposit for opening the account is not counted.

If you are an existing customer, you will benefit from discounted prices on Tap2Pay NFC Wearables (Both renewable annually for only $15)
  • NFC Bracelet at $25 instead of $40
  • NFC Watch at $75 instead of $90

Want to be a Spring ambassador?

We are looking for the young and motivated to join our team of ambassadors representing the Spring community. It is the right opportunity for you to gain valuable sales experience, earn commissions, enjoy benefits and attend various events.

And after 24?

Once you turn 24, you will move to another account that suits you while still benefitting from our preferential rates on a wide range of products and services.

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