Aman Al Hayat

The Right Insurance for Those Who Care
In the eyes of your loved ones, your life is worth a lot, which is why you need to leave something behind. Aman Al Hayat insurance plan covers you for a predefined sum over a certain period.
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What do I get?

  • Coverage in case of natural or accidental death
  • Coverage starting at USD 10,000 with a maximum of USD 50,000
  • Coverage activated within 48 hours

What’s in it for me?

  • Peace of mind: a totally reliable and affordable plan
  • 24-hour worldwide coverage
  • Automatic monthly renewal of policy
  • Pre-signed contract delivered on the spot
  • Direct monthly debit from your Bank Audi account

What do I need?

  • Low monthly contribution starting at USD 2 or LBP 2,000