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Pay in equal monthly installments within the Hot Merchants Network covering a wide range of products and services. You will be assigned two limits; one for your installments and another revolving.


Auto enrollment in the Audi Rewards program

You will earn 1 Audi Rewards point for every USD 10 of eligible spending on your card. Eligible spending includes card purchases on POS machines and online shopping (e-commerce). Points can be redeemed against a variety of items and packages from the Audi Rewards catalogue, accessible on rewards.bankaudi.com.lb.

Note: ATM wiathdrawals, POS cash advance, casino spends, and all other fees and charges on the card do not entitle you to rewards and will not accumulate Audi Rewards points.

Insurance coverage

  • Life Insurance: Covering up to the card limit at the moment of death.
  • All purchases made on the card will be covered up to USD 1,500 against theft, loss or damage for a period of 90 days from the purchase date.

How it works

  • Card limits: Your installment limit can only be used to purchase items from the Hot Merchants Network. You may spend your revolving limit wherever you want.
  • Installment plan: Transactions made at the Hot Merchants Network will count as interest-free installment payments while others will be treated as normal revolving payments.
  • Monthly statements: You will receive two comprehensive monthly statements; one detailing all revolving transactions and the other specifying all installment transactions along their respective minimum monthly payments.
  • Monthly payments: For both revolving and installment transactions, all settlements you make will be added to your remaining limit and will therefore be available for you to use again.

0% interest within the Hot Merchants Network

The purchases made within the accredited merchants’ network will be settled by installments over a pre-determined period at 0% interest rate.

The Horizon Blue card is only eligible for non-discounted products. Therefore, the cardholder cannot benefit from the Horizon Blue card if the desired products are on sale.
It is to be noted that the Merchant can apply surcharges on some multimedia items.

The Hot Merchants Guide

A detailed and regularly updated catalog is supplied with your card. It displays the Hot Merchants Network that includes a number of renowned retail establishments in Lebanon. This network is constantly renewed to cover a wide range of products and services, as well as different lines of business for specific periods of time.

To view the "Hot Merchants" click here.

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