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Get USD 10 back when spending more than USD 100 with your Visa NOVO debit card on HiCart.com The amount will be credited back to your HiCart wallet, one time only, to be spent on your next purchases. Offer valid from March 4 until June 4, 2019.
Terms and conditions apply

Eligible cards are Visa Novo debit and Visa 24/7 classic

Terms And Conditions

  • The minimum spend of USD 100 should be paid in 1 ticket and not cumulative
  • The USD 10 will remain in your wallet for 1 year for your next purchase.
  • The USD 10 will be granted once . If you pay again with the same card you won’t be granted the USD 10 again.
  • The USD 10 cashback is regardless if you are a new comer/buyer to the website or not.
  • You will have USD 10 on your wallet upon order completion and that is not when you make a successful order. The order completion is when the order is actually delivered. Hence, you will have the option to cancel the order upon a successful one.

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