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  • SAMSUNG UA58J5200

    SAMSUNG UA58J5200

    Enjoy a unique viewing experience that takes you beyond the screen into a world of total immersion.
    LBP 96,500 x 12 Months = LBP 1,158,000 (VAT Included)
  • SAMSUNG UA55K6500

    SAMSUNG UA55K6500

    Enjoy breathtakingly real and immersive viewing experiences like you’ve never seen before. You’ll see all...
    LBP 106,000 x 12 Months = LBP 1,272,000 (VAT Included)
  • SAMSUNG Galaxy S8 Plus

    SAMSUNG Galaxy S8 Plus

    The Galaxy S8+ is built to be more accessible for everyone. A well-thought-out range of technical solutions make it...
    LBP 104,000 x 12 Months = LBP 1,248,000 (including VAT)
  • SAMSUNG Galaxy S8

    SAMSUNG Galaxy S8

    The Galaxy S8 is designed to be more than just a smartphone. It is designed to change how you capture and view your...
    LBP 94,000 x 12 Months = LBP 1,128,000 (including VAT)


    Enjoy exceptional cooling power with the Samsung AC 9000 BTU that cools the room quickly with strong refreshing air....
    LBP 58,000 x 12 Months = LBP 696,000 (VAT Included)
  • SAMSUNG AC 18000 BTU

    SAMSUNG AC 18000 BTU

    The Samsung Air Conditioner has been designed from the ground up to be outstandingly efficient. Its uniquely...
    LBP 113,500 x 12 Months = LBP 1,362,000 (VAT Included)
  • SAMSUNG AC 12000 BTU

    SAMSUNG AC 12000 BTU

    With the Samsung Air Conditioner, you can enjoy the confidence that it's perfectly installed and stress free. It is...
    LBP 78,500 x 12 Months = LBP 942,000 (VAT Included)
  • MacBook Air 13”

    MacBook Air 13”

    Whatever the task, the MacBook Air’s processor is up to it, so everything you do is snappy and responsive. And all...
    LBP 150,000 x 12 Months = LBP 1,800,000 (VAT Included)
  • iPhone 7 32GB

    iPhone 7 32GB

    iPhone 7 dramatically improved the most important aspects of the iPhone experience by introducing advanced new camera...
    LBP 103,000 x 12 Months = LBP 1,236,000 (including VAT)
  • iPhone 7 Plus 32GB

    iPhone 7 Plus 32GB

    iPhone 7 Plus reaches a new level of innovation and precision. Splash and water resistant, it feels as amazing as it...
    LBP 124,000 x 12 Months = LBP 1,488,000 (including VAT)