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If you are a Lebanese resident earning between LBP 800,000 and LBP 6,750,000, our Home Loan through the Public Corporation for Housing (PCH) in LBP is the right option for you.
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What do I get?

With your Bank Audi Home Loan, you will receive a MasterCard Horizon Blue or Visa Signature free of card fees for the 1st year.
Even if you get the loan, the Bank will assess your eligibility for the card.

  • Down Payment: Starting at 10% (+10% to be blocked in favor of the PCH)
  • Loan Amount: LBP 20 to 270 million
  • Loan Period: Up to 30 years divided equally between Bank Audi and the PCH
  • Interest Rate: Variable, renewable every 1 years, based on 10% 1-year Treasury Bill + 3.2%
  • No real estate, stamp, registration or mortgage fees
  • File Fees: 1% of the loan amount
  • Life and House Insurances provided by LIA insurance sal

What do I need?

  • House Types: Primary residence, finished*
  • Applicant's Age: 21 to 64 years
  • Applicant's Nationality: Residents/Lebanese since 10 years
  • Minimum Monthly Income : LBP 1,000,000
  • Maximum Monthly Income : LBP 6,750,000
  • Minimum Years of Experience: 3 for salaried employees and 5 for self-employed individuals

* Maximum internal area is 210 m2

What is the Annual Percentage Rate (APR)?
The Annual Percentage Rate also known as APR describes the annual rate applied on a loan for the whole period.

APR calculation includes, other than the monthly payments, all mandatory fees that clients need to pay such as the file fees, stamp fees and life insurance fees.

APR calculation excludes the late payment fees and early settlement fees.
What are the fees that are calculated in the APR for the Home Loan BDL – LBP?
Stamp fees, mortgage fees and real-estate fees

Example of the APR calculation for the Home Loan BDL:
  • Type: Public Corporation for Housing
  • Currency: LBP
  • Client: 35 years old, in good health condition (based on the Bank´s medical questionnaire)
  • Life Insurance included in the monthly payments

Home price Down payment Period (years) Rate (regressive) APR
LBP 300,000,000 LBP 30,000,000 15*12 3.74% 3.885%

(Excluding fire insurance fees)

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