PinPay is an innovative mobile payment service that gives you the most secure, reliable and intelligent payment experience.
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PinPay allows you to

  • Send money
    Send and receive money instantly through your bank account. You can also send or receive money from and to another PinPay subscriber.
  • Settle bills
    Settle any bill, yours or anyone else’s, from the comfort and the privacy of your mobile.
  • Recharge accounts
    Easily recharge or renew your various accounts or your friend’s accounts, including your prepaid mobile number plan, internet and Cablevision account.
  • Buy vouchers and gift cards
    Buy vouchers and gift cards or offer them to a friend or family member. You can also choose to share your purchased vouchers/gift cards and print them or keep them securely locked in your PinPay statement to use them later.
  • Buy health and wellness passes and event tickets
    Treat yourself to a day at the spa, the beach or even buy tickets to your favorite event or concert with a simple tap of a button.
  • Donations
    Donate to the NGO of your choice.
  • How secure is PinPay?
    PinPay is a highly secure application:
    • A Pin Code (M-PIN) you choose is requested for every transaction.
    • You can only try to enter the M-PIN 3 times, after which the account will be blocked and you’ll need to drop by any Bank Audi branch to reactivate it.
    • PinPay uses the highest encryption and banking standards. Its own in-house compliance and security team goes through all aspects of the platform.

At your service

PinPay: +961 (1) 631222
or www.pin-pay.com

Bank Audi: +961 (1) 212120 or 1570