Transform your everyday purchases into a more enjoyable and trendy experience.
It is the ideal means of payment for traditional, cash-only environments where speed is essential.
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Ready for a New Payment Experience?

Make your life more exciting, more convenient and simpler with Tap2Pay NFC Series of Contactless Payments.
  • It is fast and convenient
  • It replaces daily cash payments
  • It eliminates your need for money change
  • It allows you to benefit from the loyalty program available on your card

What's More? It is a Service for the Entire Family

Tap2Pay NFC Mobile Payment allows you to link your enabled NFC Smartphone to you credit card and start using your Smartphone as a payment device. You can even grant the service to any member of your family by Issuing a new MasterCard card with a specific credit limit in the name of your wife, son, daughter... on which the service will be linked.
As a cardholder, you can benefit from the Tap2Pay NFC series of contactless payments by paying with your Contactless Card, Smartphone , Tag (Sticker) Watch or Braceletand be on your way.
Tap2Pay Wearable allows you to keep your wallet at home and feel free to enjoy your sport, go to your university, take your kids to the playground or dine out with your friends... Just put your Tap2pay Watch or Bracelet and be on your way.
Tap2Pay Card, takes your shopping experience to the next level. It is faster than paying in cash or waiting for change, and it makes checkout easier than ever: simply tap your contactless Card in front of a secure reader that accepts MasterCard Paypass or Visa PayWave payments to make quick and low value purchases.

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