Corporate Governance

Our Corporate Governance practices and policies are at the heart of our business model and provide the accountability and transparency we consistently aspire to uphold in order to remain the most trusted banking partner in the eyes of both internal and external stakeholders.

Our Chairman Mr. Raymond Audi passing the flame to Mr. Samir Hanna
Leadership is not about a title or a position. It is about impact, influence and inspiration. Impact involves getting results. Influence is about spreading the passion. Inspiration is the reflection of a leader’s spirit in his team and customers. Coming across a leader who has all these attributes is a rare find indeed. Yet there can be no dispute that Raymond Audi has mastered all and more. And so, it is with melancholy that we saw him step down from his long-standing position as Chairman of the Board of Directors at Bank Audi and retire from his corporate responsibilities in April 2017. He will, henceforth, serve as Honorary Chairman in order to devote more time to his family and personal life.

Raymond Audi’s legacy at Bank Audi spans almost 60 years, over half a century as a member and then Chairman of the Board. The impact of his leadership has been incontestably strong, proven by the Bank’s rise to become the first in Lebanon and have a solid, widespread offshore presence. However, his impact was mostly felt by us, his employees who, in Raymond Audi’s eyes, are an extension of the Audi family, his own. Over the long years, we have gotten used to seeing him tour between our offices, interacting with us, asking about our work, our welfare and our families. The personal bond that he took the time to forge with his “bank family” might be exactly why Human Capital is one of Bank Audi’s core values.

Raymond Audi’s influence seeps well beyond the constraints of a single industry. From banking to real estate, from arts to philanthropy, many people might take a guess at what Raymond Audi’s real passion is. But, for us, it is very much apparent: the human element in every form. He has dedicated much of his life and resources to sponsoring up-and-coming artists and writers, so one would say his passion has driven others to pursue theirs.

Along his extensive journey to the very top of the business world, Raymond Audi never forgot his roots. Saida, his coastal hometown and family origin, is never away from his mind. Lebanon’s culture as a whole holds a paramount place in his heart.

Bank Audi’s core values were derived from how our longtime chairman went about business and life in general: his love for Innovation and arts, his perseverance to preserve Saida’s Heritage, his reputation for Transparency in all his pursuits, his appreciation for Human Capital, his powerful and strong Civic Role whether publicly or anonymously, and finally, the Quality of all his work, from projects he started to those he sponsored or envisioned for the future.

We can only wish “Monsieur Raymond” the best, healthiest and most peaceful of retirements. We cannot thank him enough for the dedication, passion and enthusiasm he showed over the past 60 years. He is and remains a main pillar of the Bank, the founder of its social responsibility, and we promise to uphold the same values and culture in his absence as we did in his presence. It is our pleasure and our responsibility to follow through in his inspiring footsteps and aim towards an even brighter future.
  • Our Code of Ethics and Conduct clearly upholds the principles of non-discrimination and of a violence and harassment-free workplace. It is worth mentioning in this respect that no breaches or fines were reported.