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Do I need an account to access Audi Online?
Yes, you need a Current Account or a Deposit Account.
What are the fees for the Audi Online service?
It is free of charge.
Can I make transfers via Audi Online?
You can transfer money between your accounts or to any other Bank Audi account as well as make Local and International Transfers.
Can I benefit from Audi Online outside Lebanon?
Yes, if you have Internet access.
When applying for Audi Online, do I need a password?
To access Audi Online, what should I do?
Log on to Bank Audi’s site, go to Audi Online on the right side of the screen then click the Audi Online tab.
When I access Audi Online for the first time, what does the system ask for?
To change the Password and answer security questions.
Can I use Audi Online 24/7?
What should I do If I forget my password?
You can reset your Password by answering the security questions correctly or by calling the Customer Help Desk on 01-212120 or 1570.
How can I get the Audi Online service?
You should go to the branch, open an account and automatically get the Audi Online service when you sign the enrollment form.