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Airtime Talk
In addition to a 60-minute welcome bonus*, you will earn one free minute on your touch or Alfa line for every LBP 25,000 spent on your card. Bank Audi will cover your monthly mobile bill up to the invoice amount including all subscriptions. You can switch to Audi Rewards program and earn 1 point for every LBP 15,000.

*Full-option cardholders will be granted the welcome bonus on a yearly basis.
Audi Rewards
Audi Rewards allows you to redeem your accumulated points for the things you love most from a large selection of electronics, furniture, special items and gift vouchers from leading retailers.

Kids Rewards
is all about the kids' gift that range from pure fun to educational games. 
Simply click here to redeem your points for gifts that suits your kids' interests and enjoy some quality time with them.

Travel Rewards
gives you the possibility to go far with any airline company. 

Simply redeem your points for the gift you like or that suits your kids' interest or even for the destination of your choice. 

To visit our Loyalty Program website, click here.

Enjoy cashback and instant discounts at exclusive restaurants, retail outlets, spas and venues and other locations and fields including hospitality, tourism and entertainment, beauty and health, culture and arts, etc.
Air Miles
Just use your Bank Audi card for everyday purchases instead of cash, and start earning miles that can be redeemed against free flights, ticket upgrades, or excess luggage.
Co-Branded Loyalty
Accumulate points every time you use your card at specific locations and redeem them against valuable gifts and discounts.
Membership Rewards
Membership Rewards, global award-winning loyalty program, makes American Express® one of the most desirable and rewarding Cards to carry. Use your Card to earn points and redeem them against free flights and upgrades, hotel accommodation, shopping vouchers, car rentals and much more.