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SMS Alerts
This automatic SMS notification service will keep you informed on your credit card activities. To register, simply sign the "SMS application form" and send it back to us for activation. It will allow you to get updates when you’re travelling (through roaming or an international number). It will also protect you against fraud as you’ll be notified every time your card is used.

You will receive an SMS with your monthly bill and minimum due payment, an SMS reminding you of your last due date payment, and whenever reach 80% of your monthly limit.

For only USD 1/month on a local line and USD 2 on an international one, you can choose which type of alerts you wish to receive, discontinue it at will, and receive an SMS on 2 mobile numbers. Remember that supplementary cards’ holders need to register separately filling their own application form.
SMS Pull
This service allows you to pull the information you want about your credit card activities anytime and anywhere.
You can now receive your monthly MasterCard and/or Visa card(s) statement(s) online. All you need to do is to fill in the enrollment form, sign it and send it to Bank Audi.
At the closing date of the statement, your e-Statement will be sent to you by email. You will also receive a mail indicating the date of your next e-Statement.
Supplementary cards’ spending will appear on the main card’s e-statement.
Audi Cards Online
Bank Audi Cards Online is an online platform that allows you to view all your Bank Audi credit cards’ activities, check your available balance, review your minimum payment and payment due date, get current and past statements, view your spending history on the card, sign up for the SMS Alert and e-Statement services, modify your details (email/mailing address, mobile number), and much more.