From Nov 1, 2017
Till Dec 31, 2017
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Collect 3x Audi Rewards by using your Visa credit card on any POS abroad and/or online for a minimum amount of USD 1,500 during November and December 2017. Terms & Conditions apply.

Terms And Conditions

  • Eligible credit cards : Visa Infinite, Visa platinum and Visa Signature
  • Payments should be made on International POS machines or online
  • ATM transactions are excluded in addition to credit vouchers and reverse transactions
  • A minimum total qualifying spending of USD 1,500 per month, per card, is required to start tripling points
  • Maximum purchase per card, per month to be granted the 3X Audi Rewards points: USD 4000 equal to a maximum of 1200 bonus points/per card account/per month
  • For every purchase made in a currency different than the currency of the card, the cardholder will be charged with currency exchange fees (Forex Markup: 3.95%)
  • The card should be active in the time the Bank is tripling its points
  • Tripling points will occur on the card’s account (both basic and supplementary cards of the same account will be granted points in common)
  • The extra Audi Rewards points will be visible on the cardholder’s account statements on December 25, 2017 and on January 25, 2018,  should the cards used during the promotion be still active at the time the points are to be tripled
  • Eligible cardholders will be able to see their extra Audi Rewards points under “Transferred/Adjusted Points” in their statement