From Dec 25, 2016
Till Feb 28, 2017
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Win 1 hour of free talk on your Touch or Alfa post or pre-paid line upon spending LBP 500,000 or more per month during January and February 2017.

For more details, please call 1570.


Terms And Conditions

Campaign Period: December 25, 2016 to January 31st, 2017 and from February 1st to February 28, 2017

Loubnani Cardholders are required to spend a minimum amount of LBP 500,000 to get 1 free hour/month.

For Touch Postpaid or Prepaid lines’ customers, the 1 free hour cost will be either:

- Deducted from their Mobile Monthly Bill;  

- Added to their Prepaid Plan at the end of the promotion; or

- Credited to their Card Monthly Bill at the sole discretion of the Bank.

For Alfa customers:

-  Postpaid line holders, the cost of 1 free hour will be deducted from their monthly bills during February and/or March 2017.

-  Prepaid line holders, the cost of 1 free hour will be added to their plan during February and March 2017.

ATM cash transactions, credit vouchers and reversed transactions are excluded from the campaign.

Eligible Cards