From Jul 17, 2017
Till Oct 15, 2017
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Use your Bank Audi Visa card to get fuel from any Medco station and win instant gifts! The top 5 spenders get one year worth of gas

Terms And Conditions

  • All MEDCO and Phoenicia stations are included (including the convenience stores at the stations).
  • All payments should be done with Visa cards (all cards included in the campaign)
  • From LBP 25,000 to LBP 49,999 you get a soft drink instantly.
    From LBP 50,000 and above you get a free wash. You can use it instantly or ask for a voucher. The wash voucher is valid for 1 month on the same station where you got it
  • No limit for number of times you get vouchers
  • MEDCO HOTLINE: 03-784125 for any complaints to be solved on the spot