Bank Audi: Mobilizing the Youth for a Better Environment
20 Nov 2016
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In a workshop held at Bank Audi Plaza in Bab Idriss on November 4, 2016, and within the scope of its Environmental Protection pillar, Bank Audi launched a series of CSR initiatives addressed to schools.

The event marked the launch, for the second year in a row, of the “My Carbon Footprint” microsite – www.my-cfp.com, in collaboration with the Ministry of the Environment and the UNDP. It was attended by private and public schools’ representatives who were invited to acquire the necessary knowledge to support children participating in the competition.

Mrs. Lea Kai Abou Jaoude, Manager at the UNDP Climate Change Office at the Ministry of the Environment, seized the occasion to introduce and distribute the Teachers’ Guidebook on Climate Change, a helpful tool about to be integrated in schools’ curriculum to raise awareness on climate change and help the young deal with this issue.

Mrs. Hasmig Khoury, Head of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) at Bank Audi, stressed on the importance of taking action to limit our carbon footprint on the environment, and detailed how the “My Carbon Footprint” microsite incentivizes children to adopt responsible environmental practices. “The aim of this microsite is to engage our youth in reducing their household’s impact on the environment, in recognizing the importance of resources, and in acknowledging the carbon footprint we leave on Mother Earth. It is specifically addressed to children aged between 10 and 15”, she explained.

As an additional incentive, the school with the highest number of participants will be offered an interactive board. The top three performers in impact reduction will be rewarded for their efforts: the first winner will receive an iPad, while the second and third winners will be granted professional bicycles.

On a parallel note, Mr. Hicham Selman, from the Association for Forests Development and Conservation (AFDC), presented Awareness on Wheels, a mobile unit equipped with awareness material (CDs, books…) which will be presented by trained professionals. This project is in partnership with Green Cedar Lebanon and Beyond Magazine, and will reach out to schools across the country to consolidate the concept of sorting, minimizing and reusing waste, and recycling.

Last but not least, Mr. Gilbert Tegho, from E-Eco Solutions, invited schools to join the Green Schools Certification Program, clarifying the different guidelines to become a “green school” in various categories and according to a number of ratings.

In concluding the workshop, all speakers agreed that, together with Lebanon’s youth, we can and should adopt responsible environmentally-friendly practices, and reduce our carbon footprint to protect the environment.