Ogero Launches Online Payment Service for the Settlement of Fixed Telephone Bills on www.ogero.gov.lb and in collaboration with Bank Audi.
22 Dec 2014
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Ogero recently launched its online payment service which aims at developing and modernising its working methods in order to make things easier for subscribers. At the same time, Ogero launched an advertising campaign promoting the settlement of fixed telephone bills online by card, in collaboration with Bank Audi.

The IT system implemented by Ogero allows all fixed telephone subscribers in Lebanon to settle their monthly bills on www.ogero.gov.lb by any MasterCard or Visa credit or debit card issued by any local or foreign bank.

This new service offered by Ogero and the Ministry of Telecommunications to fixed telephone subscribers is a breakthrough on the path to the application of e-Government and online payment measures within public authorities.

It is based on Bank Audi’s “Audi e-Payment Gateway” which allows public bodies and institutions to process payment operations online swiftly and easily, while ensuring a safe payment environment for both the consumer and the institution. This electronic platform also encourages these bodies to develop their websites and accept online payments, in keeping with the most stringent protection and security criteria adopted by MasterCard worldwide, the “MIGS Payment Gateway”.

Thanks to this new service, the bill collection rate for landline phones on Ogero’s website and “Audi e-Payment Gateway” is expected to reach, on the short term, 20% of the total number of invoices submitted every month.